Our stray animals need you no matter what is happening around us. Please support them on our bank account:

IBAN – CZ4420100000002201581234

Paypal :  marketamav@seznam.cz

By financial support you are helping to pay us :

  • 4 Euros /  puppy and kitten deworming tablet
  • 8 Euros / deworming tablet adult dog or cat
  • 12 Euros / parasite treatment
  • 20 Euros / vaccination
  • 30 Euros / 20kg dry dog food
  • 40 Euros / sterilisation of male cat
  • 55 Euros / 20kg cat dry food or 20kg puppy dry food
  • 70 Euros / sterilisation of male dog or female cat
  • 120 Euros / sterilisation of female dog or complete blood test 

Thank you to everyone who supported us till now. We are grateful.

Our team member Natalie created amazing Paws from Corfu notebook which you can buy HERE. If you buy this notebook all profit goes to helping animals.