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How we can help


While visit of our beautiful island you find stray dog or cat and fall in love and you would like to adopt
it. Please, contatct us, we are able to help and arrange all the necceseary for travelling.

What we need to do?

Every animal travelling in abroad needs EU passport, microchip and vaccination. There is important
to know, you have to pay all neccesary veterinary fees for issuing the passport, microchipping and

Flying partner

Maybe you would not like to adopt a stray animal, but still like to help somehow? Become a flying
partner. There are many stray dogs and cats that they found their new homes but they waiting for
someone to take them with them to their new homes. Dogs and cats are not allowed to travel by
plane alone and need flying partner. You don´t need to worry about anything, we will arrange for
you all the important as payment, travel boxes, we will transfer the animal to the airport and will
help you to check in. Adopters will wait for the dog or cat at the airport and your only task is to pick
up the animal and give it to adopters.

Help from your home

In the case you don´t want to adopt the dog and you can´t be either flying partner, you can still help
us from the your cosy home. How? By financial help – costs for neutering/spaying are very high. The
stray animals needs vaccinations, worming tablets, flea treatments and of course food. Please,
choose by your own how much you want to donate and for what is supposed to be your donations
for. Would like to sponsor one particular dog/cat? No problem. This is your choice. Every single help
for our stray or foster animals is very welcome.