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Male dogs


Date of birth: 01.01.2021Sterilized: YesBublinek and his sister Bublinka were found in the central Corfu as two stray and very scared dogs. They were living… Read More »Bublinek


Male dogBorn 01.04.2023Not sterilizedLupin was born to female dog of one irresponsible person. He is one of 3 puppies, sadly life next to the busy… Read More »Lupin


Male dogBorn in 01.01.2023Lucky’ s start of the life wasn’t so good. As a tiny baby he was chained up all day and night and… Read More »LUCKY


MaleBorn in 01.05.2023Dudley was found on the street of very busy resort Sidari in North Corfu. He appeared suddenly in the middle of the street… Read More »Dudley


Born on 01.2021SterilizedLucas was found in Sidari village in the North of Corfu, someone tied him up by the gate of one small hotel. The… Read More »Lucas


Born in 04.2018sterilizedAris is beautiful 25 kg dog. He had a good and nice life until his owner got seriously sick and wasn’t able to… Read More »ARIS


Born in MAY 2021Not sterilized yetYuki was found in the small village Raxtades in North of Corfu. Beautiful, middle size dog with the weight around… Read More »YUKI


Male dogSterilizedBorn: June 2022Luke is sibling of Romeo and Juliet. Same as them he was born on the street to the stray mummy. Their mummy… Read More »Luke


Destino has found his Angel Mrs. Evžena A., which financially supports him. Destino – dog for adoption Birth: 05/2018 Sterilised: YesDestino had a really bad… Read More »Destino


Benji has found his Angel Mrs. Martina P., which financially supports him. Birth: 02/2021 Sterilised: Yes He has negative blood test, sterilized, vaccinated, so far… Read More »BENJI