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Date of birth : 01/11/2019


Molly was dumped together with her sibling by rubbish bins in Corfu town as 2 months old puppies. Luckily they have been immediately adopted. But, happy ending didn´t take long. From first family she went to another one. But always it was the same story. She always finished chained up somewhere with only basic care as food water, no human touch, no correct treating, no training.  She has been taken from the second family and given to foster place.  Beginnins in foster place were difficult.  She didn´t know to accept the love and care and not even show her love towards to foster family. But after 1 month she became totally different dog. With correct way, care, love Molly became nice, kind, loyal, teachable dog that goes well with another dogs and cats.  She is mixed shepherd dog, she will be bigger size, aprox. 30kg. She really deserves good family, can we find one?