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Date of birth : 01/01/2019

We found Otti during visit of local private shelter.. He was hiddne in the corner of dark room, depressed, blind, almost deaf and lonely. Nobody paid attention to this poor dog and he was probably just waiting for his end there. He is fostered by our team member now. He became again happy dog, of course not lively because of his handicaps..Otti is very calm and good dog. He only need safe garden, house, where he can move with no danger and family who will love him and give him care that he was missing all his life.  He is Labrador mix and he loves everyone and everything, but not cats. He might not see them but he smells them and he likes to chase them and this is a bit dangerous. So preferably home with no cats.  Maybe he doen´t have many years in front of him but he might live at least for few years happily and loved.