Fido has found his Angel Mrs. Radana Š., which financially supports him.

Male dog for adoption

Date of birth : 01.01.2017

Sterilization : yes Fido was found in Skripero village. He was starving and covered with hundred ticks and fleas. On the back he has whole bit infected and missing fur.  He has been immediately taken to the vet and after to our foster care.  He is now very well recovered from the injury, he put on the weight. He is now almost 28 kg and his height is 55 cm.  He is little dominant dog and he needs experienced person, he is not recommended for beginners or to families with small children. He is ok with female dogs but not going very well with males.  He doesn´t like to be pet around the head we think he might be beaten there and this is the reason. He needs a person who is able to find a correct way to him.  He is generally very clever, happy and teachable dog. He deserves chance.