Nikki has found her Angel Mrs. Eva P., which financially supports her.

Name : Nikki

Date of birth :  05/2019

Sterilization : yes Nikki wasn´t very lucky in her life, since tiny puppy she didn´t know anything else than to be chained, getting bad food and dirty water and spend time only with her loneliness.  No petting, no walks.  When they called us for help, her collar was so tied on her neck that it created bleeding injury.  Nikki is now with us in our foster care. She weights 30kg, her height is 60 cm, we think she is Belgian shepherd mix. She was castrated, blood tested with negative results. Nikki is very sweet girl, that love humans company, she is very clever and smart dog. On the walks she would love to play with other dogs, but at home is better if she is only dog because she is protective to her things.  Let´s give to Nikki chance for better life.