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Spike has found his Angel Mrs. Sara B., which financially supports him.

Date of birth : 01/2015

Spike has been probably born on street were he lived all his life. Some days he had also a person, who cared about his basic needs. But the man moved away and left Spike behind. Spike stayed alone again. Life on the street is difficult and poor dog got skinny and sick and with no power to live. One kind woman noticed him, she opened her door for him and let him stayed in for one night, after she took him in the vet and asked for help, because she couldn´t keep him. Spike is now in his foster place, he has his care and medical treatment that he needs, but this is not enough. He needs his home, the warm bed and a lot of love. Something that he missed all his life.  He is middle size dog, around 28kg and he is really very gentle.