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male cat


ADOPTED Cat: MaleDate of birth: 01.07.2023 Nicollo is the last of the 3 kittens that were found abandoned in cardbox by the old olive press… Read More »Nicollo


ADOPTED Cat: MaleBorn: 01.06.2023Luigi was found together with other 2 siblings in the resort Arillas. 3 kittens living by rubbish bins, skinny and with the… Read More »Luigi


ADOPTED Cat: MaleDate of birth : 01.05.2023Castrated Beautiful and friendly Garfield was found in one of our feeding point in small village Gavrades in the… Read More »Garfield


ADOPTED Cat: MaleBorn : 01.07.2023Fabio was found as tiny skinny kitten sitting on the stairs of big hotel complex. Nobody cared about him, until Czech… Read More »Fabio


Cat: MaleDate of birth: 01.08.2023 Danny was found in the huge hotel complex in North East Coast of the island. For couple of days he… Read More »Danny


ADOPTED Cat: maleBorn: 01.06.2023 This beautiful boy we called Buddy was found in tourists apartments in Sidari. He was unable to walk and the tourists… Read More »Buddy


ADOPTED Smudge, kitty that was found in the south of Corfu alone without mummy. He is very playful, approximately 4 months old and no fear from humans.


ADOPTED Marty, aprox 4- 5 months old, he is very friendly and get use to people.