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Hector has found his Angel Mr. Jan P., which financially supports him.

Year of birth: 2017

Sterilised: Yes

Hector is a male dog, who used to live all his life on the street. He has been fed by locals and sterilized thanks to Municipality program. He never bothered anybody, nobody bothered him. But he started to chase the motorbikes and because of this became dangerous dog. Suddenly he has been caught and brought to vet and local people wanted to euthanize him. Healthy strong dog. There was no one who wanted to give him safe place. He stayed in cage of the vet for very long time and got depressed because he lost his freedom. We have been called to help and this is how Hector came to us.
He weights 35 kg. He is going ok with other dogs, but he is protective to food and his space. He doesn’t walk on the leash but with help of other dog he can learn. He is very shy on beginning but later become more friendly. He is lovely dog and definitely doesn’t deserve to die only because one bad habit that could be avoid by giving him home.